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Are you looking to rent or buy a property in the leafy suburb of Pinelands? Then you’ve probably heard of Conradie Park, the hidden gem of Pinelands. This secure and well-maintained complex is a popular rental destination for young professionals and families alike. It’s also a great option for investors looking to get into the residential property market. But what makes this complex so special? Let’s take a look.  

Where is Conradie Park

Location, Location, Location

Conradie Park is perfectly situated in the hidden southern suburb of Pinelands. This is a massive 22-hectare development that is shaping up to be a sustainable self-contained town of the future. This complex is likely to have over 13 apartment blocks, more than 3 500 homes. 

Once complete, it will have everything you need – supermarkets, ATMs, restaurants, and gyms will be available on the premises. The Little Conradie Academy daycare is currently open in the complex with a private primary and secondary school following shortly  – perfect for families with school-aged children.

And if you need to commute into town or any other part of Cape Town, you can easily hop onto the N2 highway from nearby Jan Smuts Drive or connect via Forest Drive. Cape Town CBD is only a 15-minute drive away. You’ll never be far from your destination when living at Conradie Park! 

Security and Maintenance at Conradie Park

The complex is very secure – there are 24-hour guards on duty as well as access control at all entrances and even license plate recognition cameras around the perimeter. The development will host a Grand Park with plenty of trees, pedestrian paths, and fields of space for kids to play outdoors safely, along with amenities for cyclists and joggers.

The apartments themselves vary in size – from one-bedroom units to two-bedroom units with some units providing bathrooms en suite – so there’s something that suits everyone’s needs here. Residents and investors alike will have their pick of apartment sizes, number of bedrooms, and price ranges across the 13-plus apartment blocks.

But it isn’t just about location and security; this complex offers plenty more amenities too… 

Amenities at Conradie Park

Apartments throughout the park come with modern finishes. They arrive washing machine/dishwasher, and WiFi ready with most units offering prepaid electricity. 

Conradie Park Pinelands

If that wasn’t enough, there are also onsite parking lots (for both cars and bikes) so that residents never have to worry about finding parking during peak hours!

This complex is pet friendly, and there’s even a doggy daycare on its way to the premises. 

Conradie Park is set to host a fully kitted sports center on site. It will come with a massive field for various sports like soccer, hockey, and more. 

Finally, there’s even an onsite management team who ensures that all tenants receive prompt service whenever they need help with anything related to their living arrangement at Conradie Park – whether it be maintenance issues or payment inquiries – this team is always quick to respond! 

It’s no wonder why this complex has become such a popular rental destination for young professionals and families alike – it truly has everything you could possibly want in terms of convenience and comfort! 

Cost of apartments in Conradie Park

The cost of apartments in Conradie Park range at about R945 000. This price is based on the cheapest and most expensive unit listings currently available in the complex at their approximate selling prices. 

The complex offers apartments at varying price points. For example, King’s Block is priced on the higher end, A 40 square meter 1-bedroom apartment could cost you R995 000. You could also get a 56 square meter 2-bedroom apartment in this block for R1 485 000. 

In the Paarl Rock block, you’ll find the prices to be slightly cheaper, by design. These apartments do not have the exact same finishings found in the King’s Block apartments, they are however still very modern and well-fitted. You might steal a 1-bedroom apartment in this block for R774 000. A 2-bedroom apartment can be picked up for R942 000, a stunning find in Pinelands. 

Conradie Park also offers studio apartments. In the newly completed Boulders block, you’ll discover studio apartments going for as low as R601 000. 

How much to rent in Conradie Park 

Currently, a 1-bedroom apartment in the Boulders block is being marketed for R8000 per month. 

A 1-bedroom apartment in Paarl Rock may collect rent anywhere between R6000 – R7000 per month. 

In comparison, at Anfield Village, the complex right across the road from Conradie Park, a 2-bedroom apartment is being rented out at R8000 per month. A couple of 1-bedroom apartments are going for R6500 per month. 

A 1-bedroom apartment in Howard Hamlet, another very popular complex in Pinelands, is charging R8450. This apartment, covering 55 square meters, is larger than most 1-bedroom apartments you’ll find in Anfield and Conradie Park. 

Anfield Village and Howard Hamlet are much older complexes in comparison to Conradie Park. The Conradie Park development will bring these complexes a lot of competition so property owners in these nearby complexes may be motivated to renovate their units. However, this development will certainly increase the value of properties in and around the area due to the new amenities, stunning shops and attractive opportunities that come with it.  

Conradie Park Complex Names 

Conradie Park Pinelands

Conradie Park is one of Pineland’s best-kept secrets — but not for long! If you’re looking for a safe place to call home in one of Cape Town’s most desirable suburbs then look no further than this hidden gem in Pinelands—because here you’ll find all the conveniences that make life easier plus plenty more amenities to enjoy! So if you’re ready to take advantage of everything that Conradie Park has to offer—don’t wait any longer—come take a look today.

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